Our Mission:



The Brown Design Workshop is a student-run makerspace which aims to make the practices of design and creation more collaborative, open, flexible and accessible.


Who We Are

The Brown Design Workshop (BDW), located in Prince Lab, is an on-campus makerspace open to everyone. We are a fundamental component in the engineering education, making creation and design more collaborative, open, and flexible within the School of Engineering.

With new technologies, the opportunities have never been greater, nor more accessible for a wide range of students. These developments provide a unique opportunity to unite classroom and experiential learning.

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Get Involved

Whether you become a member through a class, join us for a specialty workshop or just to learn a new skill, there are plenty of ways to get involved! All of our materials and machines are entirely free to use.


Safety First!

See our policies to learn about how to safely operate in the space. These policies outline basic space operations.

Attend a Workshop

Our calendar has our workshop schedule and updated hours. This is the best way to get started as a user in the space!

Follow us

Our Facebook page posts design events and specialty workshops for further engagement.


Our Space

The BDW has a diverse array of tools and machines. We also have quite a bit of material for use—leftover from research projects, coursework, and events in the space. We generally recommend bringing your own materials, but please come have a look at what we have stocked as well.



Square Feet of workspace

Workbenches, rolly chairs, and machines sprinkle the open workspace of the BDW, where students convene to learn, design, and build.



Student Employees

The work and input of students continues to progress the BDW with their leadership, enthusiasm, and dedication to the missions of the space.



Years in the Making

The BDW, which started as a dream of faculty in 2013, now fully functions as a student-run makerspace.