Shopbot File-Setup

Please follow the instruction below the video.

If you have any questions please email


Step 1

First watch the 'Introduction' video; it's a quick, adorable, and fun introduction. Next download & install Fusion 360 with an education license. If you're brand new to Fusion 360, please watch from 1:20 to 19:55 from Autodesk's Intro to Fusion 360 (I also suggest using 1.5x normal speed). 

Once you feel comfortable navigating Fusion 360 (setting units, creating components, sketches, and extrusions), please recreate this file on your own. Download the file as a Fusion 360 Archive, and open the file within Fusion 360 (File>New Design From File).

[If you have issues with recreating the file, email and continue onto steps 2 & 3 in the meantime.]

Step 2

Next watch the videos 2 (by clicking the arrow on the bottom left), 'File Setup & Geometry', to 7 'Post Processing,' and set up your Fusion 360 file in accordance to the videos.

Step 3

Once you have your post-processed G-code ready, email with both files (Fusion + G-Code), and we will set up a time to train you on the hardware. In the meantime, follow videos 8, 'Parts of the Machine', to 14, 'Outro', and prepare to be asked to demonstrate loading your G-code file and starting a print on the shopbot.