Monitors: Apply for Monitor Grants

The BDW wants to encourage Monitors to work on projects in the space.

While Maker Grants are for anyone in the Brown community, can include up to $500, and emphasize design and community-based projects, Monitor Grants are available for smaller, personal projects. Monitor Grants can include up to $75, and can be used for any project. Obviously any project that betters the BDW is amazing, but this is an opportunity to make anything that would be hard to fund otherwise!

Monitor Grant applications for the 2019-2020 school year open in October, and will be reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.


How does it work?

  1. Identify a project you’d like to work on.

  2. Develop your idea and evaluate necessary resources.

  3. Complete the application form.

  4. In 1-2 weeks, the BDW Managers will reach out to you to meet or to let you know that your project has been approved.

  5. If accepted:

    1. Your items & materials will be purchased and sent to the BDW as you request them.

    2. Any purchases that cannot be made by BDW Staff can be reimbursed to you after Manager approval.

    3. You will be expected to participate in the BDW showcases at the end of each semester during which you work on your project.

    4. You must document your progress! Once a month you’ll need to update the Managers on your progress. Many previous grantees have kept blogs for easy viewing.

What can I do with a grant?

Grants proposals may request up to $75. BDW Managers reserve the right to give less than the requested amount as appropriate.

You can propose anything! Just make sure it’s something you’re passionate about. Additionally, we ask that any tools (as opposed to consumable materials) purchased with the grant must be donated to the BDW following the end date of the project.

How long-term can a project be?

The time frame for your project will depend on the type of project.  We expect most projects should be completed in a few months, or within the semester of application. For longer-term, bigger projects, consider applying for a Maker Grant.