Hosting Events

The BDW welcomes student groups and faculty to use the space for hosting events, seminars, symposiums, workshops, and more! We have provided space & staffing for things such as interdisciplinary poetry seminars, Arduino workshops, roundtables on futurism, and more. 

If you would like to host an event in the BDW...

  • Fill our our Events Request Form at least two weeks in advance with as much detail as you can. If you anticipate using any machinery, a BDW monitor must be present.

  • Please give us a week to cross-check our calendars, find a monitor to staff your event (if necessary), and make our staff aware of the event. We will email you to confirm your event status.

  • If you have not heard from us in a week, please email to remind us! Sometimes things fall through the cracks. Your event cannot proceed as planned until we have approved it.

  • On the day of your event, please make any on-duty monitors aware of your event and they will be happy to help you prepare your requested areas and ask people to move.