3D Prtinting

The BDW is home to seven 3D printers. Three are Makerbots, three are Makergears, and one is a [what brand is charmander?]. While we do our best to ensure that all are functional, please check the status of the 3D printers at http://is.gd/bdw3dpstatus to get an accurate value for available printers.


All printers use 1.75mm PLA and a single extruder. The use of other types of filament are prohibited.


There are two programs on the computers connected to the Makerbot and Makergear printers. MakerWare, a product of Makerbot, is an easy to use interface developed specifically for use with Makerbot printers. Simplify 3D is a more robust software that is not developed for a particular system. Both pieces of software "slice" a file such that the printers receive usable commands. It is recommended that your files are in .stl formal when you import them to the software.

Important Policies

The printers can only be used by members who are qualified to use the printers (see workshops) and when a monitor is on duty. Outside of these times, computers will be inaccessible and you may not begin a print.

During the day, prints must be no greater than four hours. Overnight, prints must be no greater than eight hours. If your print would exceed this time, please split it into multiple pieces. In any case, please stay for the first several layers of your print as this is a common time for issues to arise.